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Built on brews. Made for fun.

Locally inspired food, craft beer, wine and spirits are on the menu at Public House, home of the Round Barn Brewery. From small-batch Think Taps to one-of-a-kind Randalls, your palate will never be disappointed. Add a side of friendly service and a vibrant atmosphere set amongst Michigan’s sprawling countryside and you have a must-visit spot for family, friends and anyone with an appetite for fun.


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Beer Cheese & Potato Chips$5

The unofficial house favorite finally made it to the menu!

Housemade Pretzel Bites$8

The same pretzel recipe you love, now in easy-to-share bites, served with beer cheese

Spicy Smoked Tri-Tip Dip$8

Cream cheese and cheddar cheese, served with naan bread

Pulled Pork Nachos$12

Tortilla chips covered in house-smoked pulled pork, cheddar and beer cheeses, and pico de gallo

Crispy Brussels Sprouts$6

Sliced and sautéed with maple syrup, balsamic
vinegar, and bacon

Crab Cakes$10

On a bed of Asian-style slaw, topped with
Champagne aioli

House-Smoked Wings$9

Choice of buffalo, BBQ, or sweet and sour sauce with a side of blue cheese dipping sauce

Cheese Quesadilla$9

add chicken ($3) pulled pork ($3) or shrimp ($6) with pico de gallo

Soups and Salads

Soup Du Jourcup $3.5 bowl $5

Made in-house. Ask your server about today’s selection

Public House Saladsmall $6 large $10

Mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, toasted almonds, dried cherries, feta, and your choice of dressing

Caesar Saladsmall $6 large $10

Romaine, crispy capers, housemade croutons, and shaved Parmesan with citrus Caesar dressing

Add Protein

Add chicken ($3) pulled pork ($3) or shrimp ($6)


Squealin’ Hawaiian9” small $15 or 12” large $17

House-smoked pulled pork, pineapple, red onion,
house cheese, and BBQ sauce

Farmstand9” small $15 or 12” large $17

Red sauce, sweet corn, house cheese, goat cheese,
pepper flake, Roma tomatoes, basil, and a squirt of lime

Forest9” small $15 or 12” large $17

Sausage, onion, green pepper, forest mushrooms,
black olives, house cheese, and red sauce

Philly Steak9” small $15 or 12” large $17

Smoked tri-tip, roasted garlic cream cheese, banana
peppers, green and red bell peppers, onions,
and house cheese

Mac Attack9” small $13 or 12” large $15

House macaroni and cheese, beer cheese,
and house cheese

Fiesta9” small $15 or 12” large $17

Olive oil, cilantro-lime chicken, Roma tomatoes, agave
sour cream, and lettuce

Margherita9” small $13 or 12” large $15

Fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil, Parmesan,
and garlic oil

Sandwiches & Entrees


A 7oz. blend of beef and bacon from Bridgman Meat
Market with cheddar cheese, romaine, and Roma
tomatoes on a brioche bun

Butternut Squash Veggie Burger$11

Farro, lemon-caper aioli, fried kale, and pickled red onions

Hot Italian$12

Pepperoni, salami, ham, provolone, house dressing,
arugula, and roasted tomato on a Swiss roll

Cajun Chicken Philly$12

Red and green peppers, onions, provolone, and spicy
garlic sauce on a Swiss roll

Smoked Beef Tri-Tip$13

Caramelized mushrooms and onions, provolone, and
spicy garlic sauce on a hoagie bun

Turkey & Smoked Gouda$12

Turkey, smoked Gouda, Michigan Gala apples, arugula, and cranberry-rosemary aioli on sourdough

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Wrap$12

House and cheddar cheeses, spicy garlic sauce,
arugula, citrus Caesar, and pico de gallo


Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss, and thousand island
on marbled rye

Baked Macaroni & Cheese$10

add chicken ($3) pulled pork ($3) or shrimp ($6)
Cavatappi pasta, beer cheese, and chorizo bread crumbs

½ lb. Beer-Steamed Shrimp$11

Steamed in our very own Kölsch, served with herb butter
sauce and Parmesan baguette

Sandwiches & wraps served with kettle chips & a pickle.

Add a cup of soup ($2) or side salad ($3.5)


9” small $10 or 12” large $13


red, BBQ, beer cheese or olive oil

Each Extra Topping

small $1.25 large $1.75


extra cheese, Feta, goat cheese, fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan


bacon, chicken, meatballs, ham, hard salami, pepperoni, sausage


black olives, garlic, green olives, green pepper, mushrooms, red onion, tomatoes, white onion


artichoke hearts, giardiniera, jalapeños, banana peppers, pineapple, roasted red pepper



Chicken Caesar

Romaine, crispy capers, shaved Parmesan,
and citrus Caesar dressing on ciabatta

Turkey & Smoked Gouda

Turkey, smoked Gouda, Michigan Gala apples,
arugula, and cranberry-rosemary aioli on ciabatta


Pepperoni, salami, ham, provolone, house dressing,
arugula, and roasted tomato on ciabatta


Public House Salad

Caesar Salad

Soup Du Jour


Take It Easy


Our best seller! • 5.2% ABV • 12 IBU • 5 SRM
Subtle malty sweetness with notes of biscuits and honey. It finishes fairly dry but not bitter.


Amber Ale • 5.4% ABV • 15 IBU • 15 SRM
If you can’t decide what beer to drink, then Indecision is really your only decision!

Raspberry Wheat Ale$6

6.6% ABV • 10 IBU • 6 SRM
A full mouthfeel from the wheat and rice with notes of tart raspberry reminiscent of a fruit strudel.

Local Yokel$5

Belgian Blonde Ale • 5.8% ABV • 17 IBU • 4 SRM
Inspired by the blonde ales of Belgium and brewed with local Nugget hops grown by Hop Head Farms.

Michigan Common$6

6.4% ABV • 35 IBU • 6 SRM
Brewed with 100% Michigan ingredients! This beer is a true representation of the flavor of Michigan’s terroir.

Pumpkin Ale$6

5.9% ABV • 8 IBU • 13 SRM
Michigan hops with a balance of cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean, and spices create this delicate fall ale.

Bees in the Belfry$6

Amber Ale • 6.4% ABV • 24 IBU • 14 SRM
A malty amber with notes of biscuit and honey, nicely balanced by the subtle citrus notes of domestic American hops.

Hopped Up

Hop Dealer$6

American IPA • 6% ABV • 75 IBU • 10 SRM
An intensely hoppy and bitter American IPA, specifically designed for all of the hop lovers out there.

Harvest Ale$6

Wet-Hop Ale • 6.7% ABV • 67 IBU • 10 SRM
Fresh Michigan ingredients featuring Cascade wet hops from Hickory Creek Farms and Hop Head Farms.


Basswood Bliss$6

Honey Cider • 6.9% ABV • RS 3%
Made with local Jollay Orchards apples and back-sweetened with Michigan-made honey.

Dark & Mysterious

Vanilla ‘Stache$6

Vanilla Porter • 6.6% ABV • 25 IBU • 23 SRM
Full-bodied with a creamy texture, pronounced vanilla sweetness, and hints of bitter chocolate and dark malts.

Black Magic$6

Chocolate Raspberry Stout • 6.1% ABV • 13 IBU • 29 SRM
Full-bodied with a hint of roast and plenty of gourmet chocolate on the top of the palate. Complemented by raspberries to create a juicy mouthfeel.

Barley Fife$6

English Dry Stout • 5.6% ABV • 39 IBU • 30 SRM
Malt from Thomas Fawcett & Sons and East Kent Golding hops lend to an authentic English flavor.

Three Shadows$7

Oatmeal Stout • 5.6% ABV • 25 IBU • 30 SRM
Dark roasted grains provide a mild roasted coffee flavor and liberal use of oats creates a full and velvety texture.

Maplejack Brown$6

Brown Ale • 6.7% ABV • 21 IBU • 22 SRM
Brewed with roasted pecans and local maple syrup, try the winning recipe of the inaugural Battle of the Brewers.

Winter Warmer Ale$6

Mint Stout • 6% ABV • 27 IBU • 29 SRM
This smooth dessert stout has subtle chocolate and prominent mint flavor, giving the impression of mint chocolate chip cookies. ALLERGY WARNING: CONTAINS LACTOSE



Alcohol By Volume
Derived from a formula using original gravity and final gravity, this is the most common method of measuring a beer’s strength.


International Bitterness Units
This is a scale that measures the hoppy bitterness of a beer. IPAs are particularly hoppy and rank high on this scale.


Standard Reference Method
On this scale, lower numbers indicate a lighter-colored beer whereas a higher number indicates a darker beer.



Beer & Wine


Dry Whites


Round Barn • RS 0%
Well-balanced oak and a long finish.

Pinot Gris$7

Tabor Hill • RS 0%
Hints of citrus & honey with subtle fresh fruit aromas


Free Run Cellars • RS 0.1%
One of the rarest grape varieties in the U.S.

Pinot Blanc$8

Free Run Cellars • RS 0.3%
Aromas of apple followed by hazelnut notes.

Vineyard Tears$7

Round Barn • RS 0.5%
Soft blend with wonderful fruit layers.

Dry Reds

Cabernet Franc$12

Tabor Hill • RS 0%
Aromas of red plum, graphite, and smoked meat.


Free Run Cellars • RS 0%
Aromas of black currant, bing cherry, and tobacco.


Tabor Hill • RS 0%
Slightly jammy flavors of blackberry with softer tannins.

Vineyard Red$7

Round Barn • RS 0%
Rich plum-cedar aroma with subtle tannins.

Pinot Meunier$6

Free Run Cellars • RS 0.3%
A rosé with strawberry and honey aromas.

Sweet Whites


Tabor Hill • RS 1%
Apricot, peach, and grapefruit flavors.


Tabor Hill • RS 2.5%
Aromas of Gala apple, nectarine, and wild rose petal.

Classic Demi-Sec$6

Tabor Hill • RS 3.5%
A best-seller! Soft and slightly fruity

Sparkling Demi-Sec$6

Tabor Hill • RS 4%
A new and bubbly twist on classic best-seller

Edel Doux$7

Round Barn • RS 15%
Tropical notes with a rich finish

Sweet Reds

Weekend Red$6

Round Barn • RS 3%
Slight sweet and a smooth fruity aftertaste.

Classic Demi-Red$8

Tabor Hill • RS 4%
Classic Demi-Sec and special red blend mix.

Fruit & Specialty

White Sangria$7

Round Barn • RS 7%
Brand new! Bursting with peach and pineapple flavors

Red Sangria$7

Round Barn • RS 7%
Full of refreshing fruit flavors.

Farm Market Concord$6

Round Barn • RS 8.5%
The newest addition to the Farm Market family

Sparkling Cherry Moscato$7

Tabor Hill • RS 8.8%
Sparkling wine bursting with Balaton cherry flavor.

Farm Market Plum$6

Round Barn • RS 9%
Light in body with a spicy finish.

Farm Market Cranberry$6

Round Barn • RS 14%
A best seller! Try it chilled or mulled.

Black Walnut Cream

Round Barn
Rich creamy texture and a distinct black walnut flavor

Salted Caramel Cream

Round Barn
Irresistible smooth caramel and salty goodness.


DiVine Coffee$6


Far East Spritzer$8

Weekend White Sangria, ginger ale, and ginger beer.

Apple Fashion$9

Apple cider, brown sugar, bitters, and a free sample of Berrien Ridge Whiskey.

Salty Pete$9

Salted Caramel Cream and a free sample of Berrien Ridge Whiskey.

Red Sangria Fizz$8

Weekend Red Sangria, sour mix, and a splash of Sprite.

Root Beer Float$10

Black Walnut Cream, root beer, and a free sample of DiVine Vodka.

Chardonnay Spritzer$8

Round Barn Chardonnay, pomegranate juice, triple sec, and a splash of soda water.


Farm Market Cranberry, lemonade, and a free sample of DiVine Vodka.

Sage Grey Hound$8

Grapefruit juice, sage simple syrup, and a free sample of 269 Gin.

Plum Wine Paloma$8

Farm Market Plum, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, and a free sample of Blue Flame Agave.

Lavender Skies$8

Triple sec, fresh lemon juice, lavender bitters, and a free sample of Red Sky Rum.

Baroda Donkey$10

Apple cider, ginger beer, peach simple syrup, a splash of ginger ale, and a free sample of Baroda Bourbon.

Salted Nut$10

Salted Caramel Cream, Black Walnut Cream, and a free sample of DiVine Vodka.