The perfect mix of family and fun.

In a year when mood rings graced the fingers of teenagers everywhere, platform sneakers were a thing, and Hanson was MMMbopping all over the world, a new trend was being forged along the Southwest Michigan wine trail.

It was 1997 when the Moersch family discovered a 1912 round barn in northern Indiana and saw its weary doors as a place to enter thirsty and leave happy. Since then, what aptly became Round Barn Winery, Distillery and Brewery has turned into an iconic home to handcrafted spirits, brews and wines you can’t taste anywhere else.

Today we’re more than a barn. The Round Barn family of properties includes the sprawling estate featuring acres of vineyards and the famous round barn. Here you can not only try our award-winning wines, but also dabble in select brews in our Beer Barn, taste spirits crafted from fruits grown right in our backyard, and soak it all up with creations from the Round Barn Food Truck. You can even spend summer days (and nights!) dancing to live music every weekend.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Just a few miles away in quaint downtown Baroda you can experience even more sides of Round Barn. Here you’ll find the Round Barn Brewery featuring our collection of rotating beers, and the Public House Restaurant where a pizza becomes the centerpiece for great conversation. And there’s more! Twenty-minutes down the road in Union Pier is our Union Pier Tasting Room where the atmosphere ignites with each pour of our craft beer, unique spirits and wine, including the exclusive Free Run varieties.

Whether you’re a certified Sommelier or don’t know the difference between an ale and a lager, Round Barn encourages every palate to discover what happens when a family of winemakers turns a vision into a refreshing reality.



We are a family bounded by a passion for life’s finest pleasures – great food and fine wine. Farmers by trade, we know what it means to cultivate sustainable ingredients and relationships. For more than 30 years, we have been creating the best wine, craft beer and spirits in Southwest Michigan. Paired with epicurean flavors inspired by farm-to-table freshness, we’re behind four concepts you may already know and love: Free Run Cellars, Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant, Round Barn Winery and Public House.