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As the demand for our brews grew, we had to find a larger place to craft our beer. That place is the Round Barn Brewery & Public House, home to the production facility for our delicious beer and a restaurant. Come in and discover more than 20 unique brews on tap at any given time.

The Region

Michigan is lucky enough to have a climate reminiscent of what you’d experience in certain regions of Europe. This makes our growing conditions ideal for fresh fruits as well as hops, essential ingredients in our unique collection of brews. We are literally surrounded by acres of fresh fruit, hundreds of hopyards, and of course, the beautiful Lake Michigan. We’re proud to source these local ingredients, as well as yeast and malt, to create flavor profiles as iconic as our round barn.

The Ingredients


Our access to an abundance of fruit means we can pluck it straight from the vine in the morning and it will find its way into a chosen beer well before dinner. Nothing frozen. Nothing artificial.


Our variety of hops come from Hop Head Farms in Baroda, Michigan, less than four miles from our facility, and includes everything from Michigan-grown hops to traditional German varieties.


As if access to the fresh water of Lake Michigan wasn’t good enough, we take it one step further by filtering it with a reverse osmosis system.  Here our Brew Master Malkam Wyman is able to add minerals back to the process to achieve whatever flavor profile he’s searching for.


Each sip of our beer is bursting with local ingredients that show off the true terroir of Michigan. We will continue to stand committed with other Michigan industries to include at least one locally sourced ingredient, if not more, in each original recipe.