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Where we get into the spirit.

The Region

Located near Lake Michigan and a vast fruit belt, our region is a veritable gold mine for creating unique libations that have helped change the way our guests have been imbibing since 2001. From grapes and apples to cherries and peaches, if you can pick it, chances are we can grow it. We are especially proud of our 50-acres of grapes that are meticulously tended, as well as our own mirabelle plums, known for their intensely sweet flavor.

Our climate is similar to that of France’s coveted Alsace region, with mild temperatures and a nearby water source that protects the precious fruits and allows them to reach their most delicious potential. Having access to so much fruit gives our distiller, Robbie Scudder, the opportunity to let his creative juices flow. The result is a spirit that is as smooth as Lake Michigan on a calm summer’s day.

The Process

Guests are often surprised to see a selection of spirits, including vodka, gin, whiskey, and bourbon, coming from a family known for making amazing wine. However, it is actually that passion for the vine that has helped us tap into new ways to quench your thirst. Each process starts out with fermentation (with the exception of whiskey and bourbon), and who knows more about fermentation than a family of winemakers?  Our history and experience has helped us make the best spirits possible, including our original brandy.

Each spirit is created in an 80-gallon handmade copper still imported from Germany that was specifically designed for making brandy. We started by following the European methods; however, it didn’t take long for us to latch on to a style all our own. Our copper pot is now outfitted with a 20-foot vodka column, essential to making our Divine vodka, as well as a gin basket where we use vapor infusion to distill ingredients such as juniper and coriander. Our copper pot is now a piece of art in itself. It is definitely something you won’t find at most other distilleries—one more way we like to stand out from the bunch.