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Where we pour out our heart & soul.

When you hear the word winery, you may imagine a place with people sticking their nose in and out of a glass of wine and murmuring things like “touch of new wood”, “hazelnut overtones”, and  “very expressive.”

Maybe you know what these phrases mean and maybe you don’t. Maybe you just want to take a sip (or gulp) of wine and say “tastes good to me!” Maybe you’ve never even had wine at all.

And we want to say, no matter who you are on the spectrum there is something for you at Round Barn.

Our wines were created by experts—for everybody. Don’t know the difference between a pinot noir and a pinot gris? Or can you tell which region a wine came from in just one sip? Great! The Round Barn Winery welcomes every palate and personality. Each grape grown throughout the acres of vineyards at Round Barn is thoughtfully selected to go into one of our many varieties of wine created with every type of palate in mind.