Postponed To a Date To Be Announced

9151 First St.
Baroda, MI 49101

Whether you like lagers, IPAs, stouts or porters, we are 100 percent sure we have the brew for you at the 3rd annual Battle of the Brewers! We’ve got 6 brewers waiting to be crowned the winner and our brewers are thirsty for a victory (and beer, but that’s beside the point). Does anyone have the brew to take down reigning champs, brewer Zach and his team or is the home-pub advantage truly a force to be reckoned with?

There are 12 teams looking to pull their small-batch beer from the taps and send it into the record books. Only one can take home the coveted BotB Mash Paddle and it’s on you to decide the beer worthy enough to claim those rights. The winning beer will also return on tap as a seasonal draft from June to August.

Join us outside the Public House for an afternoon of delicious food, fire pits, games, live music, and of course, lots of beer!

Check back soon to see a list of beers competing to be #1!

General admission is $20 and includes a free 5oz. tasting glass & voting token.
Tasting tickets are $2 each. Full Beers are 3 Tickets. All Food is 3 Tickets. Wine is 3 Tickets.


Juice Bomb Pale Ale

  • Hazy Pale Ale
  • A hazy and juicy pale ale, brewed with Empire malt, and plenty of New Zealand hops.
  • ABV & 46 IBU & 6 SRM

El Chupacabra Lupulado!

  • Hoppy Mexican Lager
  • A clean lager brewed with Empire malt and flaked corn, with a citrus and peach hop profile
  • ABV & 61 IBU & 4 SRM

Drunkin’ Donuts

  • Chocolate Donut Stout
  • A breakfast stout made with Red Coach chocolate donuts in the mash, and a hint of coffee. 
  • ABV & 23 IBU & 33 SRM

Strawbeery Shortcake

  • Strawberry Shortcake Golden Ale
  • A light colored golden ale brewed with oat flakes and noble hops, with strawberry puree.
  • ABV & 26 IBU & 5 SRM

Ca$h Money Honey

  • Honey Roasted Cashew Brown Ale
  • An American brown ale with roasted cashews and honey added to the boil. 
  • ABV & 24 IBU & 22 SRM

Cosmic Hopsicle

  • Orange Creamsicle IPA
  • A milkshake IPA style brewed with significant late hop additions of Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe, and fresh orange zest and vanilla bean added to the tank. 
  • ABV & 18 IBU & 10 SRM

Getting FIGgy With It

  • Belgian Tripel
  • A Belgian Tripel with English and French hops, and dried figs added to the boil. 
  • ABV & 20 IBU & 5 SRM

My-Mosa Brut IPA

  • Mimosa Brut IPA
  • A dry and clean Brut IPA with a nice hop profile and heavy citrus flavor from blood orange zest.  
  • ABV & 36 IBU & 5 SRM


  • Froot Loop Wheat Ale
  • A classic American wheat beer brewed for the flavor of Froot Loops. 
  • ABV & 17 IBU & 5 SRM

South of Baroda

  • Coconut Lime IPA
  • An IPA brewed with noble hops, inspired by a classic margarita with a touch of coconut.  

ABV & 48 IBU & 9 SRM

Hocus S’mokus 

  • Honey Ale 
  • A heavy stout with a chocolate malt profile, brewed with caramelized honey. 
  • ABV & 28 IBU & 32 SRM

Peach for the Stars

  • Peach Berliner Weisse 
  • A Berliner Weisse kettle sour, brewed with star thistle honey and peach puree. 
  • ABV & 9 IBU & 6 SRM

Bonus Beer – Last Year’s Winner!

  • Orange Dragon Bragget
  • Made with local wildflower honey, resembling a strong mead with a malty profile, and brewed with chamomile and balanced with blood orange puree. 
  • 9% ABV & 33 IBU & 12 SRM


Battle of the Brewers 2020 Menu

Bison Sloppy Joe Sliders

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Loaded Pretzel Bites

with Smoked Brisket, Beer Cheese, Jalapeno & Scallion

Creamy Chicken & Wild Mushroom Soup

Served in a Bread Bowl