Saturday, November 2, 2019 from 3:00PM to 8:00PM

9151 First St.
Baroda, MI 49101

Try out 16 different german style beers on tap made with all Michigan malts & hops, along with german inspired food pairings. Dress for the weather — we’ll be hanging out behind the Public House from 3-8 p.m. with strong ales, good food, and bonfires to keep us warm!

3:00 – 8:00pm: E-Man


5.2% ABV • 12 IBU • 5 SRM
Subtle malty sweetness with notes of biscuit and honey, and brewed with Michigan hops.

Black Dog Porter
5.2% ABV • 30 IBU • 30 SRM
Brewed with Michigan hops, this beer has a moderately strong malt flavor, with noticeable aroma of roast barley.

Local Yokel
6.4% ABV • 18 IBU • 5 SRM
A Belgian blonde with deep gold color and a subtle yeast profile, with light esters reminiscent of bubblegum.

Baroda Sessions
4.9% ABV • 33 IBU • 8 SRM
A medium-bodied beer with notes of biscuit, balanced by a blend of herbal and citrus flavors and plenty of hop aroma.

Pumpkin Ale
5.9% ABV • 8 IBU • 13 SRM
Brewed with Michigan hops with a balance of cinnamon sticks, vanilla bean, and other spices.

Harvest Ale
6.7% ABV • 67 IBU • 12 SRM
Fresh Michigan ingredients featuring Cascade wet hops from Hop Head Farms and malts from Empire Malting Co.

Three Shadows
5.6% ABV • 25 IBU • 30 SRM
Dark roasted grains provide a mild roast coffee flavor, and liberal use of oats creates a full velvety texture, brewed with Michigan hops.

9% ABV • 49 IBU • 37 SRM
This bourbon-barrel-aged winter beer is a full-bodied stout with notes of rich chocolate and roast barley, brewed with Michigan hops.

Biere de Garde – Year #2
8.2% ABV • 23 IBU • 14 SRM
Farmhouse Ale aged in an American Oak Barrel, smooth with an overlay of vanillin, brewed with all Michigan ingredients.

5% ABV • 27 IBU • 6 SRM
A historically exported German lager, blonde in color with a clean lager profile, and late hop additions, brewed with all Michigan malts from Great Lakes Malting Co.

6.2% ABV • 12 IBU • 30 SRM
A dark Munich lager with overtones of toasted bread, banana and walnuts, and brewed with yeast from Craft Cultures in the UP.

5.7% ABV • 20 IBU • 13 SRM
An elegant, malty German lager with an amber color, and bready flavor, brewed with all Michigan malts from Great Lakes Malting Co.

5.8% ABV • 30 IBU • 4 SRM
A German lager with a unique history, this is a gold lager typically served at the end of summer, featuring Michigan malts from Empire Malting Co

Vienna Lager
6% ABV • 22 IBU • 8 SRM
A historical style from Austria, brewed with Michigan ingredients, featuring Empire Vienna Malts and local hops from Hop Head Farms.

TBD ABV • 13 IBU • 4 SRM
A historical German style, this beer is a smoked sour, featuring local Michigan malts and hops.

TBD ABV • 17 IBU • 16 SRM
A historical German style, this beer has a significant rye profile, featuring local Michigan malts and hops.


Loaded Pretzel Bites
with smoked brisket, beer cheese, jalapeño & scallions

Locally Made Beer Brat
with sauerkraut on a pretzel bun

Sausage, Potato & Beer Cheese Soup
in a bread bowl

Smoked Hog Wings
with Mustard BBQ sauce