Meet the Maker Tasting Experience: Bourbon Tasting

Join us for an exclusive Artisanal Tasting Experience and meet our master distiller, Robbie! Dive into the world of bourbon with our event featuring a curated bourbon tasting led by Robbie himself. Discover the craftsmanship behind our spirits as you sip and savor premium bourbons.


Saturday, May 18

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Round Barn Winery & Estate | Baroda, MI

Bourbon Tasting Details | $15

From the smoky depths to the caramel notes, immerse yourself in the world of bourbon craftsmanship!

  • What's Included: Meet the distiller, taste our spirits, and tour the distillery

  • Time Slots: 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm EST

  • What You Will Be Tasting: Round Barn's Berrien Ridge Whiskey, Baroda Straight Bourbon, and more

  • Important: 21+ guests only

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What You Will Be Tasting

Berrien Ridge Whiskey
This blended whiskey is soft and smooth with hints of vanilla. Rich malt flavors are perfectly balanced with the proper amount of oak aging. This everyday whiskey can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite Old Fashioned.
Baroda Straight Bourbon
Aged 3+ years in new charred American oak barrels, handcrafted in Michigan. 705 local non-GMO corn is the perfect backbone for this rye-styled spicy straight bourbon. Excellent after dinner to sip neat, on the rocks, or in a Manhattan.