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SPICED ALE The flavors of fall come together in this ultimate autumn ale. Boasting a strong pumpkin spice aroma and flavor complemented with caramel and hints of nuts and toffee, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and spice.


CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY STOUT Black Magic is a well-balanced beer that boasts stout characteristics up front, is complemented by fresh Michigan black raspberries and finishes with the delightful taste of gourmet chocolate. Whether you’re craving a fruit beer or a stout, this delightful dessert brew promises to put you under its spell.


INDIA PALE ALE A fresh twist on the American IPA! The aroma is full of citrus fruit characteristics from dry hopping with Cascade and Simcoe hops. The flavor is clean and intensely hoppy with bitterness balanced by the floral notes of the oak granular added to the fermenter.


SESSION IPA This beer comes from a rich history of session beers in England during WWII, emphasizing a lower ABV so that folks from the artillery factory could slam more than one at a lunch session before heading back to work!


AMERICAN WHEAT ALE We look forward to it all year, and that makes “Vacation” the perfect name for our seasonal wheat ale. Kick back and enjoy a 12-ounce Vacation, featuring delightfully fruity notes of orange and lemon, hints of coriander and a smooth finish. Take a Vacation. You deserve it!


CHOCOLATE MILK STOUT “Oronoko” is the name of our local township; however, “Orinoco” is a type of cocoa that comes from the Orinoco River basin in Central America, home of the chocolate tree (T. cacao) and the cocoa used in this creamy brew. Indulge in this cocoa and milk stout that is reminiscent of lightly […]


BELGIAN BLONDE  ALE This Belgian Blonde Ale is highly refreshing and boasts a particular Belgian taste. Lighter than a Trappist Ale, drink and be merry like the monks of old with this delicious brew.


AMBER ALE Indecision (noun) — reluctance or an inability to decide. What started out as an Amber Ale morphed into something that didn’t quite fit any mold. What should we call this penny-hued brew. Red? Amber? But nothing captured its full character. The answer was staring us in the face, and Indecision was born. Enjoy this copper-colored […]


INDIA PALE ALE Like the hops used to brew it, this beer smells of tangerine and lemon with hints of fresh pine. If your passion for hops runs deep, you have to try this intensely hoppy and salaciously bitter American-style IPA that you’ll love to smell almost as much as you’ll love to drink.


MICHIGAN KÖLSCH ALE Our Kölsch-style beer is not entirely traditional due to our use of American grown hops and malt, but we still believe you won’t find a better version of this style ale. It’s subtle malty sweetness with notes of biscuits and honey pairs well with spicy foods or by itself. Enjoy with friends […]