A pit stop for all winos and wanderers.

The newest location to join the Round Barn family found itself setting up shop in a vintage service station just off of I-94 in Coloma. If you’re looking for something high octane, we’ve got it.



Sunday-Thursday: 11AM-6PM

Friday-Saturday: 11AM-7PM


3401 Friday Road
Coloma, MI 49038


Phone: (269) 932-0120

General Inquiries: [email protected]

Private Event Inquiries: [email protected]

COME ONE. COME All. You love your children. We do, too. As a family-owned business, we are always kid-friendly. Dogs on a leash are always welcome to enjoy the outside beer garden at the Filling Station but can’t come inside due to food service.

TILL FURTHER NOTICE: Guests are required to wear a face mask when visiting the property but can take the mask off once at their table. Any guests that choose not to follow this guideline will be asked to leave for the safety of our guests, staff, and community.




Table Service available daily
Enjoy a tasting of select Round Barn, Free Run Cellars, and Tabor Hill products while our friendly and knowledgeable staff guides you through the process
No reservation needed (first come, first serve)
6 guests per table
Receive a souvenir wine glass.
Bonus: Receive $5 off every three-bottle purchase!


Filling Station Wine


Sauvignon Blanc$10 • $24.99

RS 0.2% • Juicy flavors with a mineral edge.

Vineyard Tears$7 • $19.99

RS 0.5% • Soft blend with wonderful fruit layers


Cabernet Sauvignon$10 • $29.99

RS 0% • Ripe cherry and berry flavors with a hint of chocolate.

Vineyard Red$7 • $19.99

RS 0% • Fruit, soft tannins, and light oak.

Vineyard Rosé$7 • $19.99

RS 0.25% • Rich fruit, soft tannins, and mild acidity.


Gewürztraminer$8 • $19.99

RS 3.5% • Softly sweet with characteristics of honey and vanilla.

Classic Demi-Sec$7 • $12.99

Tabor Hill • RS 3.5% • Delicious white blend is soft and slightly fruity.

Edel Doux$7 • $16.99

RS 12% • Tropical notes with a rich finish.

Classic Demi-Red$7 • $12.99

Tabor Hill • RS 4% • Hints of sweetness, this wine is great for both red and white wine drinkers alike.


Farm Market Cran-Apple$7 • $13.99

RS 5.6% • Tart and flavorful with a hint of sweetness!

Farm Market Concord$7 • $13.99

RS 8.5% • Sweet and fruity flavor of the widely-loved Concord grape.

Farm Market Blueberry$7 • $13.99

RS 9% • Local blueberries from Coloma, Michigan.

Farm Market Plum$7 • $13.99

RS 5% • Light in body with a spicy finish.

Farm Market Cherry$7 • $13.99

RS 9.5% • Full-bodied and tart with the right amount of sweetness.

Farm Market Cranberry$7 • $13.99

RS 12% • A best seller! Perfect balance of sweet & tart.

Blueberry Franc$10 • $24.99

RS 8.5% • Tabor Hill • This desert wine is sweet and delicious!


Sparkling Demi-Sec$7 • $16.99

Tabor Hill • RS 4% • Both sweet and dry wine drinkers will love this complex white sparkling wine.

Cherry Cider$6

RS 5% • Classic apple cider taste with a cherry twist! Howler Fill $10 • Growler Fill $18

Basswood Bliss$6

RS 3% • Made with local Jollay Orchards apples back-sweetened with Michigan-made honey.
Howler Fill $10 • Growler Fill $18

White Sangria$8

RS 7% • Bursting with peach and pineapple flavors.
Howler Fill $19 • Growler Fill $30

Red Sangria$8 • 4-Pack $19.99 • Case $48

Full of refreshing fruit flavors.
Howler Fill $19 • Growler Fill $30

Crantini$8 • 4-Pack $28 • Case $48

Light & lively with flavor of sweet cranberries.

Raspberry Lemonade$8 • 4-Pack $28 • Case $48

Bright & crisp with flavor of raspberries.

Cherry Spritzer$10 • 4-Pack $28 • Case $48

Sweet & tangy cherry! The classic taste of Michigan.

Peach Bellini$10 • 4-Pack $28 • Case $48

Fresh & juicy peach and playful carbonation.

Filling Station Spirits


DiVine Vodka375ml $19.99 • 750ml $29.99

Vodka from the vineyard!™

Red Sky Rum375ml $19.99 • 750ml $29.99

Light and tropical silver rum.

Blue Flame Agave375ml $19.99 • 750ml $29.99

Tequila-style organic Agave nectar.

269 Gin375ml $19.99 • 750ml $29.99

Grape brandy base with citrus, juniper and coriander.

Berrien Ridge Whiskey375ml $28.99 • 750ml $49.99

Aged 7 years. Smooth, with hints of vanilla.

Baroda Straight Bourbon375ml $34.99 • 750ml $59.99

Aged 2 years. Smooth, rich, classic.


Nutty Russian$10

DiVine Vodka, Black Walnut Cream.

Blueberry Lime Mojito $12

Red Sky Rum, blueberry wine, mint, lime juice, soda.

Sea Breeze$12

DiVine Vodka, cranberry wine, grapefruit juice.

Michigan Mule$12

Berrien Ridge Whiskey, simple syrup, lime juice, ginger beer.
ginger beer


Vodka Lemonade$10

With DiVine Vodka.


With Weekend Southern Rosé and strawberry.


With Weekend Craft White and mango.

Blue Raspberry$3

With no alcohol and raspberry.

Filling Station Food

Deli Sandwiches - Made fresh daily!

served with chips

Italian Sub






Tomato + Pesto


Hot Ham + Cheese


Turkey Wrap (Cold)