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Everything Round Barn with a side of sister wineries.

Can’t make it to the original Round Barn? That’s ok! Our Union Pier location is right off I-94 and offers the amazing wine, beers and spirits we’re famous for. There are also a host of other wines from our sister wineries, Tabor Hill and Free Run Cellars.



Sunday-Thursday: 11AM-6PM

Friday-Saturday: 11AM-7PM



9185 Union Pier Rd
Union Pier, MI 49129


Phone: (269) 469-6885

General Inquiries: [email protected]

Food is not served at this location. Groups of 10+ please call for reservations Monday-Friday.

BEFORE YOU VISIT US, please review our updated rules and changes due to COVID-19. For those of you who have been to our properties before, you will notice a lot of changes. Please be patient with us as we navigate this new normal. Our team continues to re-evaluate week after week to determine what needs to change so we can continue to keep our community safe! To best prepare yourself, please review our Pandemic Plans & Procedures.

LIMOS & BUSES NEW POLICY: Due to COVID-19 and capacity restrictions, we are only able to accept groups from the following tour companies, with a maximum group size of 8 people: Harbor Country Adventures, Grape & Grain Tours, Hops Noggin, and South Shore Brew Bus. ALL OTHER COMPANIES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED AT THIS TIME. For additional information about this new policy, please visit our Limo & Bus Policy.

YES, WE ARE CHILDREN AND DOG FRIENDLY. As a family-owned business, we are always kid-friendly. Dogs on a leash are always welcome!

FACE MASKS REQUIREMENT: Guests are required to wear a face mask when visiting the property but can take the mask off once at their table. Any guests that choose not to follow this guideline will be asked to leave for the safety of our guests, staff, and community.

CREDIT CARDS ONLY: We are only accepting credit cards as payment at ALL locations at this time. However, you are more than welcome to leave a cash tip.



Wine tasting available daily
Enjoy a tasting of select Round Barn, Free Run Cellars, and Tabor Hill products while our friendly and knowledgeable staff guides you through the process
No reservation needed (first come, first serve)
8 guests per table
Receive a souvenir wine glass
Bonus: Receive $5 off every three-bottle purchase!

Tasting Room Menu

Dry White

Vineyard Tears $7 • $19.99

Round Barn • Soft blend with wonderful fruit layers. RS 0.5%

Sauvignon Blanc LMS$8 • $19.99

Tabor Hill • Rich fruit character and brisk acidity. RS 0%

Chardonnay LMS*$10 • $24.99

Tabor Hill • Rich and complex with notes of buttered toast. RS 0%

Dry Riesling$8 • $19.99

Free Run • Aromas of apple, white peach, limestone, and orange blossom. Crisp acidity with a cleansing finish. RS 0%

Sweet White

Demi-Sec$7 • $12.99

Tabor Hill • This delicious white blend is soft, slightly fruity, and semi-dry. RS 3.5%

Gewürztraminer$8 • $19.99

Free Run • Lightly sweet, delicate flavors, and a pleasantly
spicy finish. RS 3.5%

Moscato$7 • $14.99

Tabor Hill • Aromas of white peaches and rose, this wine is well balanced and finishes with notes of honeydew melon. RS 7.8%

Edel Doux$7 • $16.99

Round Barn • Tropical notes with a rich finish. RS 12%


Farm Market Cranberry$7 • $13.99

Round Barn • A best seller! Perfect balance of sweet & tart. RS 12%

Farm Market Plum$7 • $13.99

Round Barn • Light in body with a spicy finish. RS 5%

Farm Market Blueberry $7 • $13.99

Round Barn • Soft and sweet with a long blueberry finish. RS 9%

Farm Market Cherry$7 • $13.99

Round Barn • Full-bodied and tart with the right amount of sweetness.
RS 9.5%

Cherryscato$7 • $14.99

Tabor Hill • Moscato’s luxurious sweetness is balanced by the bright, fresh flavor of Balaton cherries in this easy-to-drink, rosé-colored wine. RS 8.8%

Dry Red

Vineyard Rosé$7 • $19.99

Round Barn • Rich fruit, soft tannins and mild acidity. RS 0.25%

Cabernet Sauvignon$10 • $29.99

Round Barn • Ripe cherry and berry flavors with a hint of chocolate.

Vineyard Red$7 • $19.99

Round Barn • Fruit, soft tannins, and light oak. RS 0%

Pinot Noir$12 • $29.99

Tabor Hill • Fresh strawberry and raspberry with an elegant finish. RS 0.01%

Syrah$12 • $31.99

Free Run • Notes of toasted coconut, blueberry, and a hint of
black pepper. RS 0%

Sweet Red

Demi-Red $7 • $12.99

Tabor Hill • An exciting, well-balanced marriage uniting our famous
Classic Demi-Sec with a special red blend. RS 4%

Rosso$8 • $17.99

Free Run • A slightly sweet red featuring red berry and cherry
aromas and a light, fruity finish. RS 5%

Redel Doux$7 • $16.99

Round Barn • Rich blend with lots of fruit and sweetness up front.
RS 7.3%

Desert Creams

Mint Chocolate Cream$8 • $29.99

Rich chocolate flavor and a cool peppermint finish.

Black Walnut Cream$8 • $25.99

Rich creamy texture and a distinct black walnut flavor.

Salted Caramel Cream$8 • $29.99

Irresistible smooth caramel and salty goodness


Artesia Spumante$8 • $21.99

RS 4% • A sparkling wine with hints of apricot and vanilla

Red Sangria$8

Full of refreshing fruit flavors.


Light & lively with flavor of sweet cranberries.

Cherry Spritzer$8

Sweet & tangy cherry! The classic taste of Michigan.

Peach Bellini $8

Fresh & juicy peach and playful carbonation.

Raspberry Lemonade$10

Bright & crisp with flavor of raspberries.

Craft Beer

Kölsch$6 Howler Fill $10 Growler Fill $18 6-Pack Cans $11.99

Our best seller! • 5.2% ABV • 12 IBU • 5 SRM
Subtle malty sweetness with notes of biscuits and
honey. It finishes fairly dry but not bitter

Hop Dealer$6 | Howler Fill $10 Growler Fill $18 6-Pack Cans $11.99

American IPA • 6% ABV • 75 IBU • 10 SRM
An intensely hoppy and bitter American IPA, specifically
designed for all of the hop lovers out there.
Howler Fill $10 Growler Fill $18 6-Pack Cans

Lake Michigan Light$6 | Howler Fill $10 Growler Fill $18 6-Pack Cans $11.99

American Blonde Ale • 4% ABV • 11 IBU • 5 SRM
This blonde ale is light-bodied and crisp, with a hint
of biscuit character. The finish is subtle and dry, with
a slight note of citrus.

Basswood Bliss$6 | Howler Fill $10 Growler Fill $18

Hard Honey Cider • 6.9% ABV • RS 3%
Made with local Jollay Orchards apples and back-sweetened with Michigan-made honey.

Pumpkin Ale$7 | Howler Fill $10 Growler Fill $18

Coming Soon • Pumpkin Ale • 5.5% ABV • 8 IBU • 13 SRM
A delicately balanced aroma of pie spices, featuring fresh
ground nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla bean.

Left Coast Mirage $6 | Howler Fill $10 Growler Fill $18

Coming Soon • Brute IPA • 6.7% ABV • 60 IBU • 5 SRM
This is a very pale and effervescent American IPA, with a
light body and very dry mouthfeel.

Oronoko Cocoa$7 | Howler Fill $12 Growler Fill $20 6-Pack Cans $11.99

Chocolate Milk Stout • 5.5% ABV • 10 IBU • 28 SRM
Reminiscent of lightly roasted coffee with a definite
gourmet chocolate flavor on the finish.


Nutty Pumpkin$10

DiVine Vodka, Black Walnut Cream, pumpkin spice.

Harvest Mule$12

DiVine Vodka, apple cider, ginger ale.

Cranberry Margarita$12

Blue Flame Agave, cranberry wine, lime juice, triple sec.

Maple Whiskey Old Fashioned$12

Berrien Ridge Whiskey, maple syrup, bitters, orange peel.


Vodka Lemonade$10

With DiVine Vodka.


With Weekend Craft White Wine and mango.