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Everything Round Barn with a side of sister wineries.

Can’t make it to the original Round Barn? That’s ok! Our Union Pier location is right off I-94 and offers the amazing wine, beers and spirits we’re famous for. There are also a host of other wines from our sister wineries, Tabor Hill and Free Run Cellars.



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9185 Union Pier Rd
Union Pier, MI 49129


Phone: (269) 469-6885

General Inquiries: [email protected]

Food is not served at this location. Groups of 10+ please call for reservations Monday-Friday.


Open 7 days a week
Reservations needed for groups of 10+
Round Barn wines, beers, and spirits are available as well as Free Run and Tabor Hill wines
Food not available
Receive $5 off of a 3-bottle purchase

GROUPS OF 10+, LIMOS & BUSES We ask that groups of 10 or more please call to schedule their tasting at least 3 days in advance. Are you planning to arrive in a bus or limousine? We only accept approved bus/limo companies who are registered with us. To learn more, check out our LIMO & BUS POLICY.

Wine List

Round Barn

Dry Whites

Vineyard Tears$7 | $19.99

Soft blend with wonderful fruit layers. RS 0.5%

Sauvignon Blanc LMS$10 | $24.99

Juicy flavors with a mineral edge. RS 0%

Chardonnay LMS$10 | $24.99

Rich and complex with notes of buttered toast. RS 0%

Dry Reds

Vineyard Rosé$7 | $19.99

Rich fruit, soft tannins and mild acidity. RS 0.25%

Pinot Nior$10 | $29.99

Fresh strawberry and raspberry with an elegant finish. RS 0.01%

Merlot LMS*$10 | $32.99

Plum aromas commingle with black currant flavors. RS 0%

Vineyard Red$7 | $19.99

Fruit, soft tannins, and light oak. RS 0%

Carbernet Sauvignon$10 | $29.99

Ripe cherry and berry flavors with a hint of chocolate. RS 0%

Sweet Whites

Weekend White$7 | $15.99

Classically balanced sweetness with hints of apple. RS 2.9%

Gewürztraminer$8 | $19.99

Softly sweet with characteristics of honey and vanilla. RS 3.5%

Edel Doux$7 | $16.99

Tropical notes with a rich finish. RS 15%

Sweet Reds

Weekend Red$7 | $15.99

Red berry fruit up front with jammy cherry aromas. RS 3.7%

Redel Doux$7 | $16.99

Rich blend with lots of fruit and sweetness up front. RS 7.3%

Sparkling & Specialty

Artesia Spumante$8 | $21.99

A sparking wine with hints of apricot and vanilla. RS 4%

Red Sangria$8

Full of refreshing fruit flavors. RS 7%
Howler Fill $19 Growler Fill $30 • 4-Pack Cans $28


Light & lively with flavor of sweet cranberries.
4-Pack Cans $28

Cherry Spritzer$10

Sweet & tangy cherry! The classic taste of Michigan.
4-Pack Cans $28

Peach Bellini$10

Fresh & juicy peach and playful carbonation.
4-Pack Cans $28

Black Walnut Cream$8 | $25.99

Rich creamy texture and a distinct black walnut flavor. ALLERGY WARNING: Contains milk and tree nuts

Salted Caramel Cream$8 | $29.99

Irresistible smooth caramel and salty goodness.
ALLERGY WARNING: Contains milk


Farm Market Cran-Apple$7 | $13.99

Tart and flavorful with a hint of sweetness! RS 5.6%

Farm Market Cranberry$7 | $13.99

A best seller! Perfect balance of sweet & tart. RS 15%

Farm Market Plum$7 | $13.99

Light in body with a spicy finish. RS 9%

Farm Market Blueberry$7 | $13.99

Soft and sweet with a long blueberry finish. RS 9%

Farm Market Cherry$7 | $13.99

Full-bodies and tart with the right amount of sweetness. RS 9.5%

Farm Market Concord$7 | $13.99

The newest addition to the family! RS 8.5%


DiVine Vodka375ml $19.99 | 750ml $29.99

Vodka from the vineyard!

Red Sky Rum375ml $19.99 | 750ml $29.99

Light and tropical silver rum.

Blue Flame Agave375ml $19.99 | 750ml $29.99

Tequila-style organic Agave nectar.

Berrien Ridge Whiskey375ml $28.99 | 750ml $49.99

Aged 7 years. Smooth, with hints of vanilla.

Baroda Straight Bourbon375ml $34.99 | 750ml $59.99

Aged 2 years. Smooth, rich, classic.

269 Gin375ml $19.99 | 750ml $29.99

Grape brandy based with citrus, juniper and coriander.


Ask about our rotating taps!

$5 off every 3-bottle purchase

Free Run Cellars

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc$10 | $24.99

Aromas of boxwood, guava, grapefruit, and lemon grass. Fairly tart with a juicy acidity that begs for another sip. RS 0%

Pinot Gris$8 | $19.99

Aromas of apple, Kieffer pear, and slate. Soft acidity with a touch of lime leading to a cleansing finish. RS 0%

Dry Riesling$8 | $19.99

Aromas of apple, white peach, limestone, and orange blossom. Crisp acidity with a cleansing finish. RS 0%

Pinot Blanc$8 | $21.99

Aromas of apple and pear, softer acidity with some slate character of the finish. RS 0%

Fusion$8 | $17.99

Our dry white patio wine is perfect for dinner or simply sharing a glass with friends. RS 0.1%

Dry Gewürztraminer$8 | $19.99

Aromas of rose petal jam and orange zest this wine finishes crisp and clean. RS 0.3%

Mezzo$8 | $17.99

A blend of Alsatian varieties; let it breathe to appreciate rich examples of peach and apple. RS 0.6%

Gewürztraminer$8 | $19.99

Aromas of bergamot tea, jasmine, nectarine and lychee fruit. Lightly sweet, delicate flavors, and a pleasantly spicy finish. RS 3%

Valvin Muscat$8 | $19.99

Aromas of grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. RS 5%

Red Wines

Meritage$12 | $34.99

A beautiful red blend featuring aromas of black currant, bing cherry, tobacco, mint, and dill. Supple in the mouth yet has a firm structure. RS 0%

Lemberger$12 | $34.99

Aromas of black currant and blueberry with a hint of
cocoa. Soft tannins yet full bodied. RS 0%

Pinot Meunier Rosé$8 | $19.99

Our version of the French Rosé, fresh & full of red fruit flavors. "The" wine for summer picnics! RS 0%

Rosso$8 | $17.99

A slightly sweet red featuring red berry and cherry aromas and a light, fruity finish. Serve chilled. RS 5%

Tabor Hill

Cabernet Franc – Lake Michigan Shores$12 | $27.99

Beautiful aromas of red plum, graphite, and smoked meat. It has a soft mouthfeel with the perfect balance of acidity, which brightens the fruit expression. RS 0%

Riesling – Lake Michigan Shores$8 | $16.99

Floral aromas of orange blossom and jasmine as well as peach, beeswax and a hint of nutmeg. Flavors of apple and pear with a soft and juicy mouthfeel. RS 2.4%

Blueberry Franc$10 | $29.99

This sweet, fortified dessert wine marries our Cabernet Franc Port-style wine with fresh Michigan blueberry wine. RS 8.5%

Pinot Noir – Lake Michigan Shores$12 | $32.99

Aromas of cinnamon and a bit of clove, with sweet cherry and
toasty oak. Soft in the mouth with polished, fine grain tannins
and a lingering finish. RS 0%

Brut$10 | $24.99

Finished dry, the wine has soft red-fruit scents, ripe flavors and
a clean, rounded finish with a delicate natural effervescence.
RS 1.0%

Cherryscato$7 | $14.99

Moscato’s luxurious sweetness is balanced by the bright, fresh
flavor of Balaton cherries in this easy-to-drink, rosé-colored
wine. RS 8.8%



Choose from a full menu of Round Barn, Free Run Cellars, and Tabor Hill products while our friendly and knowledgeable staff guides you through the process.
No reservation needed (unless you have a group of 10+)
You choose any 6 wines/beer and spirits (up to 2 spirits)
Receive $5 off of a 3-bottle purchase
Food not available