Archives for: January 8th, 2019


AMERICAN PORTER Brewed for folks interested in a classic American Porter, complete with dark malts and roasted barley.


AMERICAN WHEAT ALE We look forward to it all year, and that makes “Vacation” the perfect name for our seasonal wheat ale. Kick back and enjoy a 12-ounce Vacation, featuring delightfully fruity notes of orange and lemon, hints of coriander and a smooth finish. Take a Vacation. You deserve it!


CHOCOLATE MILK STOUT “Oronoko” is the name of our local township; however, “Orinoco” is a type of cocoa that comes from the Orinoco River basin in Central America, home of the chocolate tree (T. cacao) and the cocoa used in this creamy brew. Indulge in this cocoa and milk stout that is reminiscent of lightly […]


BELGIAN BLONDE  ALE This Belgian Blonde Ale is highly refreshing and boasts a particular Belgian taste. Lighter than a Trappist Ale, drink and be merry like the monks of old with this delicious brew.