Archives for: January 8th, 2019


HARD CIDER A 2/3 beer 1/3 cider blend inspired by the Stephen King Dark Tower novel series. This Honeycrisp Graft features a malt forward beer, British hops, blended with apple cider and local wildflower honey from Baroda Bee Co.


ROTATING WINTER WARMER This mint stout is our Winter Warmer Ale for the season! A delightful dessert stout, suitable for the holiday season, and long snowy nights. A black stout with a creamy off-white head, and some light roast aroma.


OATMEAL STOUT We experimented with English and American Oatmeal Stouts until we discovered we enjoyed the blend of ingredients from both continents. Our brewers have carefully perfected this recipe, even adding 6 lbs. of dates to the boil to give the impression of an oatmeal raisin cookie. With notes of coffee, and oatmeal texture, this […]


STRAWBERRY HEFEWEIZEN This hefeweizen smells of banana and strawberries, complemented by a slight bready malt aroma. During the boil, we steep 20 lbs. of rhubarb, giving a pleasant tartness to the beer before pitching 50 lbs. of local Michigan strawberries into the tank.


BELGIAN DUBBEL This beer has a medium body with some complexity, and a clean, crisp texture followed by a tart character reminiscent of stone fruit, raisins, and prunes. The caramel malt is balanced with the yeast profile, with some hint of hops and a touch of alcohol in the background.


SPICED ALE The flavors of fall come together in this ultimate autumn ale. Boasting a strong pumpkin spice aroma and flavor complemented with caramel and hints of nuts and toffee, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and spice.


BELGIAN BLONDE  ALE This Belgian Blonde Ale is highly refreshing and boasts a particular Belgian taste. Lighter than a Trappist Ale, drink and be merry like the monks of old with this delicious brew.