Archives for: October 2nd, 2018

Cream Series

All of our wines are special, but these best-sellers are the cream of our crops. A decadent Black Walnut Cream is a year-round favorite while seasonal flavors like spring’s must-have Mint Chocolate Cream and the debut of fall’s seriously good Salted Caramel Cream are the perfect way to indulge your temptations.

The Weekend

It’s all in the name. Each drop of this sweet series transports you to a place where work is a four-letter word. From craft white and red, and a southern rose to white and red sangria, we invite you experience Friday, every day.

Farm Market Series

We like to call this our introductory wine series, a Wine 101 if you will. Our Farm Market series features six fruit-forward wines packed with fresh flavors like cranberry, blueberry, apple and cherry. They’re great alone or become the perfect base for your favorite cocktail (cran and vodka, anyone?).