Meet the Maker Tasting Experience: Spirits Tasting

Join us for a one-of-a-kind Artisanal Tasting Experience and meet our master distiller, Robbie! Explore the world of clear spirits with our curated tasting featuring our Round Barn spirits. Discover the distinct flavors and craftsmanship behind each spirit as Robbie shares his expertise.


Saturday, June 22

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Round Barn Winery & Estate | Baroda, MI

Spirit Tasting Details | $15

Explore the world of clear spirits with our curated tasting featuring DiVine Vodka, 269 Gin, and Blue Flame Agave.

  • What's Included: Meet the distiller, taste our spirits, and tour the distillery

  • Time Slots: 1pm, 2pm, and 3 pm EST

  • What You Will Be Tasting: Round Barn's DiVine Vodka, 269 Gin, Blue Flame Agave, and more

  • Important: 21+ guests only

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What You Will Be Tasting

DiVine™ Vodka
Capturing the true Spirit of Michigan™, this award-winning, ultra-premium vodka is distilled from only the finest grapes. This gluten-free vodka from the vineyard is batch-distilled to ensure the highest quality.
269 Gin
This award-winning gin is batch-distilled using grape spirits as the base. This gluten-free gin is vapor-infused through a gin basket, capturing the essence of juniper, coriander, and citrus, thus creating a smooth balance of contemporary style perfect for cocktails.
Blue Flame Agave
Crafted in the tequila style, this agave spirit is distilled from organic blue agave nectar. Enjoy its fruity notes and smooth, soft mouthfeel, making it perfect for sipping or in your favorite margarita.